Monday, January 21, 2008

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That's one of my many fantasies. Summer, on the street heat, and I poteyu in the bathroom, laundry otstiryvaya landlady and her daughter. Rita loudly calling me, I go to the bedroom, where she lay on the stomach and read a book. Requires, in order, I expanded buttocks and pasted his nose between them. Povinuyus. She snoozes and loud, happy, laughing. Ringing bell, opening up, it is mothers, and with it a rather large woman. Both rasparennye, cabinet, remove shoes and sent vspalnyu. His mother, looking dress, podzyvaet me at the knees and put my head presses his shorts, propahshim then.
Then sits down on a bed and my head tightly grip the thigh, saying Tan, his girlfriend, and thus it removes heat from their legs and perineum. Girlfriends liked it, she expressed the same desire-to cool their kidneys. My first tormentress, saying, give me the disposal of the second. Tanya, without wasting time, for an immediate spin-valivaet me to bed, linking hands, Rita asked, observing with interest the scene, I get back on its feet so as not brykalsya. That gets to bed, I need a little pohodiv, compresses kicked my head, looks at me from top to bottom, as if primerivayas. Then, pulling highly skirts, fall begins. The heart of my stops at the sight of this huge, white arses, obtyanutoy subhumid cowards. Dropped to its knees, it turns out, and once again sits down gently, so that I can breathe its lovely smells. When I started choking and tried to pull his head even slightly, it chutchut pripodnimala its task, and then sat back and started moving in the face. Apparently, it is instituted, and she came, I realised that for the fluid flowing me in the mouth.
When I was in a position poluzadushennom, she finally got up, turned me on the stomach and asked me Rite perevyazat hands such a way that they are stretched before me. Fully razdevshis, razdvinula my buttocks and inserting in its prohibitively high penetration clitoris, navali-las to me throughout potnoy mass start sadomirovat me vehemently. Something like vyderzhivaya the brunt of such gravity, breathing thrills, I vergsya under another attack. Rita, vozbudivshis of that picture, sat wa my hands extended and ordered to lick her charms, and then changed its long zhdavshaya mothers, I had a long tongue to work. Finally, and razvalivshis Staying on the bed, the women rested. And then they save me in the bathroom defy description! Here's this kind of imagination roam in my head from the age of four.

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